Sunday, April 14, 2013

Congratulations, it's a bouncing baby...mayhem?

I'll leave my opinions on abortion out of this.  However, handing out rubber fetuses in a high school is never a good idea:

Many students pulled the dolls apart, tearing the heads off and using them as rubber balls or sticking them on pencil tops. Others threw dolls and doll parts at the “popcorn” ceilings so they became stuck. Dolls were used to plug toilets. Several students covered the dolls in hand sanitizer and lit them on fire. One or more male students removed the dolls’ heads, inverted the bodies to make them resemble penises, and hung them on the outside of their pants’ zippers.
Teachers at both schools complained that students’ preoccupation with the dolls disrupted classroom instruction. While teachers were trying to instruct, students threw dolls and doll heads across classrooms, at one another, and into wastebaskets. Some teachers said the disruptions took eight to 10 minutes each class period, and others said their teaching plans were derailed entirely.
However, we have found a great niche market for Oriental Trading Company.


Prentice Blackheart said...

That made me laugh - are those kids English?

ganesh said...

Thanks a ton Really helpful..

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