Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh, the places your chicken nugget will go....

I am in awe of the creativity of our cafeteria staff. Well, to be honest, I'm just glad we have a school cafeteria that cooks. I've worked in schools where being the chef consisted of warming hundreds of individually-packaged packets of corn, rice, spaghetti, all created in some factory no doubt in New Jersey. These cretins used to freeze shaker salads to make them last longer, and couldn't understand why no one wanted to eat them. You ever seen what happens to lettuce when it freezes? It turns into green slime.

So it's nice to be in a school where the know, cook. And the versatility of the chicken nugget in their hands is something to behold.

Chicken nuggets with barbeque sauce
Orange chicken with rice
Chicken lo mein
Chicken Chunk Stew (I know: doesn't sound appetizing)
Teriyaki chicken with rice
Chicken nugget alfredo

The only thing that scares me is when we have chicken nugget entrees three days in a row. Did they create way more lunches than they needed one day? Or did they accidentally order too much and they're pushing it as fast as they can? Did the chicken lo mein today contain three-day-old chicken nuggets? And what exactly is in a chicken nugget? I've always been told "beaks and butts". I hear some cultures consider chicken asses a delicacy. Or so I keep telling myself.

not as many kids get the main entree, which I find disappointing. All they want is pizza every day. Me, I'd get so fucking tired of pizza I couldn't stand it. It's delivery, so at least it's not the cardboard crust Chucky Cheese shit they used to push at my old school. But still: pizza every day? Their little hearts are going to explode.

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