Thursday, April 16, 2009

WASL fun

So we are taking the WASL )it's our excuse for a state standardized test) for the next two weeks and it's got its good and bad side. On the good side, I get three hours of proctoring a test that requires me to do next to nothing, so I get all my other work done. On the bad side, three hours of silence is too much for a middle school kid, and they go nuts the rest of the day.

The teachers have been sharing their humorous WASL stories. One teacher noticed a student covering his eyes and wandered over to see what he was doing. He covered his eyes, poked his pencil on the test booklet and bubbled whatever bubble was closest to his pencil. Yeah, that one's not going to pass.

A different teacher walked past a teacher and noticed that they were drawing all sorts of pictures in their booklet. The teacher told the student, "You can't draw in the booklet, you're supposed to be answering the questions!" The confused student replied, "But the book told me to read the story and draw a conclusion!"

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