Saturday, May 2, 2009

Practice random acts of coerced kindness....

We finished spirit week yesterday (it's a week where you dress up differently each day according to the theme of the day, participate in contests, etc) and Thursday was "random act of kindness day". Each class got a partner class and you had to do something nice for the class, like make origami or perform a silly song. My class decided to bake a giant cookie for the other class. Now here's what strikes me as funny: "random act of kindness day" = "you have to do something nice for the class". Had we not been strongly encouraged to do something, my class probably wouldn't have baked the giant cookie for the other class (or worse, would have kept the cookie for themselves). Therefore, it's more of a "heavily sponsored act of kindness day". Our class got candy from Mrs. Ima's class, but I don't think my students even connected that the windfall candy was the result of the efforts of another class.

So, in conclusion, our "random acts of kindness" day was in actuality a "forced act of kindness resulting in the expectation of gifts" day.

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