Friday, June 12, 2009

Geeky science news

it has been announced that element 112, currently known as Ununbium, is set to get a name from the supercollider staff that invented it. The reason why it is named ununbium is because un means 1 and bi means 2 in Latin (The Official Language of Science tm). Goofy facts like this are cool to me. I told this to my kids because they had asked about the unnamed elements, who, unlike the other discovered elements on the table, have three letters in their chemical symbol instead of one or two (here's a copy of the Periodic Table of Elements for those of you who haven't seen one since school).

My kids thought it was cool too, which does a lot to reform the opinion I've recently made about them at the end of the school year (behavior at this time of the year is not pretty).

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