Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Murphy's Law in the crassroom

1.  Every ruler in a classroom will eventually break as a result of being used as a drumstick or sword.
2.  It is impossible to accidentally cut yourself with a pair of Fiskars safety scissors unless you are under the age of 15.  Then, it is distressingly easy to do.
3.  Your district will switch on your classroom's air conditioning system in November.  They will switch back to the heater in May.
4.  The day your school's principal plans to make a formal observation of your classroom will occur the morning after your most ADHD kid's father decides to take his son to a midnight opening of Star Wars and then feeds the child two bowls of Fruit Loops and a can of Red Bull to keep him awake at school.
5.  You will catch every illness that your students have.  Twice.  You won't get sick enough to stay home.
6.  The student who makes you feel the most uncomfortable spends the most time in your classroom after school.
7.  A fight will break out on the one day you forget to do your yard duty.
8.  The students who make a habit of shaking your hand before leaving your class are inevitably the students who publicly pick their nose or scratch their bums.
9.  A thrown pencil always lands point-down.  In someone's eye.

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