Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why don't adults eat frosting?

You remember when you were a kid and you always wanted the corner piece of the cake because it meant you got frosting on three sides of your cake instead of two? Or when you got the cupcakes with the huge cap of frosting on the top?  I keep watching teachers scraping frosting off of Costco sheet cake, and I wondered:  Why do adults hate frosting?  Don't get me wrong: if I get the piece with the rose on it, I scrape the thing off too.  I just wondered why our love of frosting stops when we become adults.  Maybe it's all the shortening?  That stuff coats your mouth like motor oil.


Phen said...

Strange, the same thing happened to me, except I was still a kid. I can't stand frosting either, I scrape it all off.

Mrs. W said...

I'm not fond of it either, especially the butter creme frosting they put on Costco cakes! I'm better with chocolate frosting and cakes though. Curious to know what percent of the population prefer vanilla cakes and which prefer chocolate.

Mrs. W said...
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