Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cat Blogging

I haven't done a cat blog post in a while, mostly because my cats have been behaving like, well.....cats.  But Toki today did something so unusual, I felt I had to mention it: my cat was huffing my shoes. 

Yes, you heard that right the first time.  My cat Toki was getting high off my footwear.

It flooded here last week and I spent a day helping sandbag the neighborhood.  Unfortunately, that mean that I was standing ankle-deep in water and it leaked into my boots.  I tried to dry them out, but by Monday, my boots had developed a distinctive corn chip-y smell and I finally decided to do something about it today.

I found some anti-fungal cream and smeared it on my feet.  Then, I put my feet in my boots and walked around for a little while (to hopefully smear the cream inside my boot and kill the stuff growing inside it).  Then I took my boots off and left them on the floor.

I came back several minutes later to find Toki buried head-first in my boot.  Seriously, I couldn't even see her ears.  I pulled her out of the boot but she proceeded to nuzzle it to death like it had been dipped in catnip.  Finally, I put the boots up on a table so she couldn't get in them.  She spent the next 10 minutes glaring at me out of the corner of her right eye, then the corner of her left, like some demented parrot!

Since she can't get at my boots, she is currently rolling around on the rug that I stepped on after I put on the anti-fungal cream.  Cats are so weird.

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Phen said...

/sigh. I want a cat.